Who are you (you might ask)? Well simply I’m just another fool on the internet with a guitar.

I’m not a professional guitarist. Not in the sense that I struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance or really get concerned when YouTube changes their monetization policy and wonder where my next check will come from. Or really rely on any sort of platform or network to ensure that my bills remain paid. Because, it’s become obvious over the years that – in regards to online – owning your own platform is key. That is why you see all of my paid content, services and products on my website only.

See, I came from that lifestyle, I tried it a while and then determined it wasn’t for me. I had mouths to feed and retirement to save for and really struggled with the concept of being a strictly gigging musician while trying to maintain familial goals and aspirations. It simply wasn’t going to work for me.

So instead I took my strengths – even outside skills – and turned it into a resource I hope you find helpful with guitar. Because no matter what you do for a living (or what I do), what really makes us tick is the love for music we have, am I right?

What you won’t get here

I’m not paid to review something and give yet another Tubescreamer clone (but with a buffer this time) a glowing wonderful drop-everything-now-and-buy-this-for-only-$299 review. I receive no gear in return of videos or pleasing reviews. Everything I buy is simply because I enjoy it more than the crumbling gilt of not socking away another $X towards retirement, kids’ college tuition, or “crushing student loan debt”. If I’m selling anything here, it’s simply products or services to help you become a better guitar player.

Food for thought: The difference between a professional guitarist and hobbyist guitarist is often who cuts the checks (And sometimes how many zero’s are at the end of it). There are many great guitarists you’ll never hear about, and even more you wish you hadn’t heard to begin with.

So worry not, what you do (or don’t do) with the content provided doesn’t determine whether I can feed my family. And I find it most pleasing that way. Because life is short and music is wonderful and I don’t want to have to focus on things I don’t want to do in order to make a buck (But we all know it’s really like $0.35) for art’s sake.

So please make your way around the site – check out the things I’m doing and articles I’m writing – and everything else that tickles my fancy. I hope you enjoy it.