Are Capos Cheating?

Can a capo be useful past its “Cowboy Chord” limitation?

I’ve gone most of my professional and semi-professional career actively avoiding capos. They always seem like a cop-out to being about to barre fingers, and more useful for people just learning to play guitar, once they’ve grasped the common grips.

However, playing at church has started to open my eyes to the many ways you can play with a capo on electric guitar in order to achieve drone sounds, “rubs” and general sustained pieces which otherwise would be impossible with traditional barre-ing means.

Check out the video Tim and Corey made about some of these concepts, especially when it comes to layering guitar parts:

Tim Pierce and Corey Congilio talk about how to utilize a Capo in ways you may not have imagined

So are capos evil? I’m not so sure anymore. I do know the Kyser I bought 20+ years ago just doesn’t cut it, perhaps I need to get an adjustable one so that it’s more pleasant trying to play with one.

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