Try Coated Strings

If you’re anything like me, nothing you can do will make guitar strings feel nicer, longer. You wash your hands, you try to change your diet (OK, that’s a bit far-fetched and hard), you use “string cleaner” snake oil, and you search endlessly for longevity in guitar strings.

Well – try this – give coated strings a shot. Sure, they’re more expensive, but they’ve got more science in them. There are quite a few manufacturers out there making coated strings, but be sure to get something that has treated unwound strings (Spoiler Alert: Only Elixir will do that for you) or else you’ll find the life of the plain steels to still be lacking (And still spending $$$ on expensive packs). For some reason, most manufacturers out there don’t do much to the plain steels on a set of strings.

But you don’t like the feeling of coated strings? That is, after all, a general consensus most guitar players have. Sure, the old Polywebs that Elixir had kinda thick coatings on them (for some people, though others preferred them for acoustics), but they then came out with Nanowebs, and even made them for electric too. The “feel” of nanowebs was a much better improvement, but they also recently came out with Optiwebs for electrics and now it feels like there’s no coating at all.

For Acoustics, is really no contest at all, the “fresh set of strings” feeling seems to evaporate same-day for a set of standard acoustic strings. I suppose that’s okay when you’re getting packs of strings for free by the boxload and paying someone to change your strings before every show, but for real-life people who value their time; a set of coated acoustic strings is really theĀ only way to go these days.

Come out of that guitar hole and embrace science a little bit. Do more playing, less string-changing.

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